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Re: voting instructions on the web [was: PLEASE remember to vote!]

On 28 Jan 1999, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> Hi!
> >>>>> Andreas Tille writes:
>  AT> Sorry for my ignorance when deleting the mails under this topic.
>  AT> I was absend from the net for a longer time and couldn't read all
>  AT> my E-Mails.  Please repeate the link where to vote for those like
>  AT> me who ignored the mails.  I couldn't find a site to vote.
> After some searching, I found it at:
> http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-devel-announce-9901/msg00017.html
> In the future, could somebody please put the ballot on the debian web
> site in an obvious place (such as a link from the same page that
> describes the alternatives and/or results).

Well, it's on http://vote.debian.org, which is fairly obvious.

I also received information about the ballot on the following lists:

-private, -devel, -devel-announce and -vote.

That's not exactly hiding the information..


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