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Re: Intent to package xfntbase, xfnt75, etc.

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 08:43:30PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> > * "There should be some better way".
> > 
> > Fine. Which one?
> Is there a way to have a dpkg --set-selections call lurk in the background
> until the current dpkg process ends, like update-menus does now?  That
> would be a far cleaner solution.

Sure, why not do it in exactly the way update-menus does?  I think it just
looks for a lock file in some directory or another.

>   while (dpkg running)
>     wait


>   for oldpackage in xfntbase xfnt75 xfnt100 ... xslib xslibg; do
>     case $oldpackage in
>       xfntbase) newpackage=xfonts-base ;;
>       ...
>       xslibg) newpackage=xlib6g-static ;;
>     esac
>     echo "$newpackage install" | dpkg --set-selections
>   done

Be careful!  This way, you're forcing all of the above packages to be
installed, which you could just as easily have done with a dependency by
the dummy xbase.

 oldpackages="$(dpkg --get-selections 
		| egrep '^(xfntbase|xfnt75|...)'
		| awk '{print $1}')"
 for oldpackage in $oldpackages; do
 	[ "$oldpackage" = "xfntbase" ] && echo "xfonts-base install"
 done | dpkg --set-selections

Every invocation of dpkg is horribly slow, so we should try to limit it to
one call each of get-selections and set-selections.  The above should do the
job, but it's untested so there are probably syntax or logical errors.
> The second half is easy.  Waiting for dpkg to finish is what I don't know
> how to do.  There is also the issue of guaranteeing that apt(?) is invoked
> to realize the state of the new selections.

Hmm, I don't think that's necessary; apt only seems to cache _available_
packages, not user selections, I think.

Besides, if dselect/apt don't notice the preference changes immediately,
it's still okay -- just the "new" packages won't be installed until next
time dselect/apt are run.  Big deal.  As we know, the old packages aren't
hurting anything anyway.

Now, on with the flamewar!  Don't let me stand in your way.

Have fun,


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