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Re: Intent to package wterm


On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 01:06:34AM -0800, Adam Klein wrote:

> wterm is another Rxvt hack.  It is designed for use with Window Maker,
> although it will work fine with any window manager. It includes
> transparency, N*XTStep-like scroll bars, and colored shading.

 Yes!!! Someone bit!!! <g>

 A word of caution Adam: PLEASE check out the diff for rxvt.  You'll find

 a) There are lots of patches

 b) Not every patch has been incorporated to upstream rxvt source (read the
    colourful comments on the debianized source)

 c) Debian's version of rxvt and upstream's new version don't like each
    other AT ALL from the patch POV.

 d) Be prepared for a nightmarish journey regarding configuration.  This
    infamous "anonymous coder" (that stinks!) seems have 'PropList config
    files' on his/her TODO list.

 e) /me hopes you'll package the newest version, which means either
    "Requieres: wmaker (>= 0.50.2)" (not nice) or "Conflicts: wmaker (<<
    0.50.2)". "Suggests: wmaker (>= 0.50.2)" would be nice, too (this
    program IS intented to work with Window Maker, but it doesn't requiere
    it). I have NO idea whatsoever as to why it doesn't like older versions
    of Window Maker.

 Thanks, this is REALLY appreciated,


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