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Re: Intent to package: Xconfigurator

On Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 08:22:08PM -0600, Stephen Crowley wrote:
> I know some of you may want to shoot me but Xconfigurator is the redhat
> Xfree configuration utility, it's a hacked up xf86config that scans the 
> pci bus to auto-detect the vid card, has a monitor database, and has a nice
> looking slang interface too. It will need a quite a few modifications to
> work with debian so I'm wondering if I should just split the tree and make
> my own version. Any comments?

Uh, I was kind of planning on recruiting some folks to rip that thing open
and Debianizing it for the potato release.  I already have the latest
Red Hat diffs in my X work directory on various machines, and was going to
go through them for potato X.

I'm just still working on kicking slink X out of the nest.

Would you mind doing this work under the umbrella of the X Strike Force?
I'd like to ship the X configurator in xserver-common once it's ready for
prime time.

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