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Re: Possible GIMP contest for new Debian logo

Sorry, this probably belongs on -devel... I'll post it there too.  About 
the design, I personally like the penguin for Debian GNU/Linux, have 
something similar for Hurd (meaning a red profile of a GNU head or 
something) and something different (maybe plain nice graphical text?  
There was a nice one in the previous set of submissions...) for the Debian 


In message <199901262337.SAA12201@typhoon.icd.teradyne.com>, Nils Lohner 
>Actually, one more 'real' point in this discussion... we should really 
>have 3 logos.  One for Debian (the project), one for Debian GNU/Linux, 
>one for Debian GNU/Hurd... the Debian one should symbolize the project, 
>and the other two should be somehow related to it and/or each other.  
>Debian is not just Linux anymore, at least not since Hurd came along, 
>like Linux isn't just i386 any more.
>Just a few cents worth of thoughts (at a penny apiece, that's a few! :)

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