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Re: the Great X Reorganization, package splits, and renaming

Raul Miller wrote:
> We'll have to keep around the empty xfnt* packages indefinitely (should they
> need to be created) until a better solution is available, no matter what.

Surely a small set of *empty* packages will not be a great problem
in terms of disk sapce in master.

> I think you missed the bit where Branden was promissing to make the empty
> xfnt* packages wherever they were actually needed (for people to be able
> to upgrade smoothly).

Well, I think *nobody* will want to keep the old packages around if the
new ones replace the old ones, even if they have the same functionality.
This is the reason why dselect's default behaviour is to "upgrade

So the dummy packages in slink for all the packages that changed its
name will be already useful for all the people who want to have a
system having only packages from slink.

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