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Re: the Great X Reorganization, package splits, and renaming

Branden Robinson:
> [...]
> Only now do you seem to be concerned.

No, this has been a frequently asked question for some time in
debian-user. I should probably add it to the Debian FAQ.

Please, note that I'm not blaming you for not having thought about this
problem *in advance*. I just want to see it solved in *whatever* way.

> [...]
> > Upgrading a system from hamm to slink should make the system to be in the
> > same state as if slink had been installed from scratch.
> > 
> > Otherwise, Debian will become just a W95 clone very soon (have you ever
> > asked yourself why people reinstall W95 so often?).
> This is a straw-man argument.  Isolate one criterion -- if we don't meet
> that by YOUR standard, we're no better than Windows 95.

The W95 case was just an example.

The upgrade *should* be smooth. This is not my criterion, it is one of
the things that Debian has promised to our users, and it is something the
users expect from us.

> [...]
> I reiterate my challenge.  Demonstrate to me a manner in which a
> hamm system upgraded to slink, which keeps the old X font and static
> library packages, will be broken.

Well, I have already said that the fact that the harm is not immediate
does not mean that it is less broken.

However, if you want something immediate, here it is: dselect will show
the old packages as being "obsolete". This will cause a lot of
confusion, a lot of questions to answer and a lot of time lost for

And of course a lot of fear about Debian, since people will think that we
change names gratuitously without a good reason to do so, and more
important, without implementing a good renaming mechanism *first* in dpkg.

Are you trying to tell me that it is *better* that the X packages do *not*
upgrade automatically? (I hope not).

Put it simply: You have, as X maintainer, the right to rename the packages
as you want. However, once they are renamed, we have a problem, they do
not upgrade automatically, as everybody expects. Then we have two choices:

1. Do whatever we can with existing tools so that the X packages are
effectively automatically upgraded.

2. Do nothing.

Is your word final in that you are not convinced that we should make
whatever is needed to ensure that the X packages are automatically
upgraded, as the rest of the system is?

[ Maybe I should post an "intent to package" message then and stop this
 discussion ].


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