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Re: I'm a concerned about slink. specifically jdk1.1, idraw, and xaw-wrappers

"Guenter Geiger" <guenter.geiger@psp-vie.be.philips.com> writes:

> ... and it is solved now :)
> Actually I have to say, if I would have been the one who was supposed to fix the
> bug, it would have taken me another hundred days, and probably I would have lost
> my last hair upon this ...
> But luckily, the upstream maintainer found the problem, which was related to the
> egcs c++ compiler.
> On another point, there is no other distribution which is featuring idraw,
> drawtool,
> flipbook and the InterViews library together with all the vector drawing
> libraries and Unidraw within ivtools.
> Just dropping that package because it was (temporarily) not possible to
> draw arrows seemed not appropriate to me ..

Thanks for chasing this bug down.  I realize that idraw is ancient and
probably old news, but I _do_ use it frequently as I like that it
generates/reads(its own subset of) postscript.  Arrows seem to be in most
anything that I want to draw, so that was limiting its usefulness to me
significantly. :-)

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