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Re: I'm a concerned about slink. specifically jdk1.1, idraw, and xaw-wrappers

Dale E. Martin wrote
> Then I tried to use idraw, which I've used in the past a _bunch_ of times.
> It keeps segmentation faulting on me, and so I went to look at
> bugs.debian.org and the bug report about this is over 100 days old.

... and it is solved now :)

Actually I have to say, if I would have been the one who was supposed to fix the
bug, it would have taken me another hundred days, and probably I would have lost
my last hair upon this ...

But luckily, the upstream maintainer found the problem, which was related to the
egcs c++ compiler.

On another point, there is no other distribution which is featuring idraw,
flipbook and the InterViews library together with all the vector drawing
libraries and Unidraw within ivtools.
Just dropping that package because it was (temporarily) not possible to
draw arrows seemed not appropriate to me ..


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