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Re: New logo strategy

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Daniel Martin wrote:
> If we are going to have a gimp.org done contest, I would like to see
> that the rules allow people to use things that are not gimp, but that
> are DFSG free software.  I find the command-line pnm tools very useful 
> in manipulating images, and it would be nice if I could use them.  It
> would also be nice if I could use xpaint, or something else that
> allows me to draw simple straight lines and ellipses - freehand
> drawing with the mouse is very difficult.

Whilst I have no objections to such a change in rules, I am baffled that
anyone could prefer xpaint to gimp, even for drawing straight lines and

Try fiddling with the selection tools, and the 'path' or 'pen' tool.

(And use layers lots..)


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