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Re: debhelper & /usr/bin/passwd

In foo.debian-devel, I wrote:
> Well, I got the deb and source and dsc from the mirror you pointed out,
> and it _does_ have these files as symlinks in them pointing to
> sysdb-wrapper.
> It doesn't look like a trojan (this weeks hot topic) because his pgp sig
> matches the md5sum of the tarfile, and the tarfile reproduces the symlinks
> in the resulting deb.
> So, I would just treat it as a bug.  Please file a critical bug report
> against this package, or let me know if you don't and I will file it.
> I would downgrade your debhelper to 1.2.27 and reinstall the passwd
> package.  Thanks for finding this bug.

John Goezen has uploaded an NMU of the package, I assume he already
filed the bug, so feel free to ignore.


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