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New logo strategy

Before I'm going to confuse people: I didn't mean to start the whole
voting procedure this soon; I should have worded that better.

After asking around a bit and seeing the reactions here it looks like
most people would like to see a new logo. The license is also
troublesome (and very hard to find on the webpage btw).

I agree with James Treacy's observation that we will probably need two
logos: one logo with a liberal license that people can just freely, and
another, more restricted logo for things like official CD's and so.
To phrase this in another way: we will have a logo that everyone can
slap onto their webpage, t-shirts, posters, etc., and a logo that can be
used for `official' products, like CD's made using our own iso-images.

It would be very interesting to see what logo-sets people would come up

Now we have to decide on how to choose the new logo. An obvious source
would be a gimp-contest. That has already produced very nice results for
other projects before. As has been demonstrated earlier it does not work
if all developers have to choose amongst all submissions.
Unless someone objects within 24 hours, I'll ask the gimp people about
starting a contest. The final formal vote will also have `further
discussion' and the current logo if you don't like the gimp-contest

To select the winner we should form a small group of developers to
select a top-10 from all submissions and use those as the other options
for the official vote. If people want to be in this group please drop
me a note, otherwise I'll make a couple of suggestions myself (no,
I'm not going to suggest myself).


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