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I've just looked over some of the code for the latest LSH snapshot
(1-21-99) and it seems to be turning into a decent program. It is lacking
some critical features (listed below), but once they are implemented, we
may want to consider this our ssh replacement (the final blow to the
non-free software we use, after qmail and pgp are gone).

I'm wondering if some of our non-US developers could assist in the project
since we have a vested interest in it's completion. I myself am going to
start providing patches to what I am legally allowed to send them (from
the US) which means no crypto code for me to hack (let's not break into a
crypto law discussion please).

The URL for the site is:

Mailing list subscription and archives:

This is a quick list of what I can see that LSH needs to have in order for
us to start using it (that it doesn't have now, but they plan on

1) Better key generation tools
2) Key-Auth support
3) pty allocation (currently no tty is allocated, which means you can exec
commands, but you get no controlling terminal).
4) Scp type wrapper

There's probably alot more that they could use help on, but these stuck
out to me as priority tasks (their agenda may be different, but by their
mailing list archives, they were very open to any patches that helped).

NOTE: For those that are on the ball, they do seem to be considering
removing idea from the base source and having it as a seperate module
(similar to GnuPG's approach).


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