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Re: DFSG v2 Draft #5

On 25-Jan-99 Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> On a separate note, since this started the discussion about this point,
> (I must sound like an advocatus diaboli ;-): What happened if the Zope
> people would replace their "attribution button" with a copyright notice,
> and modified Zope so that this notice (e.g. "Zope Copyright (C) 1999
> Digital Creations, www.zope.org") would be displayed on the first page of
> every session ? Couldn't they use a similar clause like the GPL to 
> reject any modification of Zope that would remove this copyright notice ?
> Zope is certainly a program that "reads commands interactively when run",
> so they could mostly copy this requirement from the GPL.

As long as Zope put the notice in automagicly... heck, the button would
probably be acceptable as long as it was put in automaticly.

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