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Re: Debian logo & its license

Andrew G . Feinberg writes:
> Why in the world do we need to license something as trivial as a _logo_?

I wrote:
> We don't.

Darren Benham writes:
> Of course we do.  Otherwise we'd have to grant permission to every
> tom-dick-harry that wanted to use it in any way-shape-form.

I meant, of course, that we don't need an elaborate specially written
license with elaborate restrictions.  "Debian grants permission to every
tom-dick-harry that wants to use this logo in any way-shape-form" would be
quite adequate.

Or don't license it: just use it on Debian stuff and grant individual
licenses on a case by case basis.  I doubt that you will be swamped by all
the requests.

What does FreeBSD do about their logo (or mascot, or whatever)?
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