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Re: fvwm{,2,-common} packages up for adoption

*- Vincent Renardias wrote about "Re: fvwm{,2,-common} packages up for adoption"
> On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, Austin Donnelly wrote:
>> I am (in theory) still maintaining the following packages:
>> fvwm
>> fvwm2
>> fvwm-common
>> xloadimage
>> xcal
>> In practice, I haven't uploaded new versions of these for many months.
> I volunteer to adotp fvwm2 & fvwm-common.
> (I already began to work on it actually, expect an upload next WE or so)
> 	Cordialement,

I know that the fvwm2 official TODO list has 'official themes support'
in it but it would be really great if the Debian style hooks setup could
be adapted to use the themes(with minimal pain) on fvwm.themes.org.
Or at least some documentation on how to use them until it is
'officially' added the the upstream source.

Currently one is required cut and past to various *.hook files as well
as reset several defaults.

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