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Re: off-topic! Anonymous CVS access?

On Tue, Jan 19, 1999 at 11:56:16PM -0600, Oleg Krivosheev wrote:
> Hi, All
> can someone tell me how to setup anonymous read-only
> access to CVS tree via pserver in slink?
> Of course with minimum security problems...
> thanks a lot in advance

Read the CVS info file, look under Admin files, then one of either
"readers" or "writers".

Basically, you want to do the following:-

1. Put a file "passwd" in $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/,
   containing a line like this:-

The password is "anonymous". Generate it like this:-

echo 'main(){printf("%s\n",crypt("password","tL"));}'>t.c; \
	gcc -o t t.c -lcrypt; ./t; rm t t.c

NB, replace "tL" with two random characters, and "password" with your desired

2. Then, put a file "readers" containing:-


Alternatively, create an empty file "writers" (possibly more secure...).

Then, make sure you have the repository exported (run cvsconfig as
root), and pserver enabled.

More info is available in the CVS documentation.

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