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Re: getting kernel 2.2 into slink

> Brian> make any difference.  Both will show up in dselect and it would
> Brian> be trivial for someone to install the new kernel... and then
> Heh, thats the idea.  :-)
> Brian> wonder why things don't work.
> Little things that few notice, apparently -- I would've sworn slink
> and 2.2.0-final work perfectly until someone pointed out that
> /usr/sbin/procinfo complains.   Been running 2.1.1xx in production
> with frozen for months.

People swore to me that 2.0.36 would "drop in" without a problem.  They
were wrong.

> I'd say at least include a source package for whatever 2.2.0 is
> available at the moment of release, so we get the bragging rights.
> :-)   A deb would be even more impressive.

Including the source package I could be convinced of.  At least then
people have to think about what they're doing before causing potential

> Brian> Since it is assured that some packages will have to be patched
> Brian> by a user that wants to use the new kernel, making those users
> Brian> go through a little bit more effort to get the new kernel is
> Brian> more than offset by reducing the amount of problems encountered
> Brian> by other users.
> It may be hopeless fantasy, but I'd like to believe our users aren't
> this helpless.

I'll share that fantasy.  As linux becomes more and more mainstream, it's
going to be even more difficult to dream.  Of course, the reality is that
most users don't need the 2.2 kernel anyway.

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