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Intent to package wmheadlines, wmglobe, and IglooFTP

Time to start earning my keep =)

WMheadlines is a suite of windowmaker menu plugins that let you see the
current headlines on news sites such as freshmeat, slashdot, segfault,
and linuxtoday.  You click on a menu item and the news item is opened
in netscape.

wmglobe is an xearth hack that fits in the dock; a nice constant
reminder of the global linux community.

IglooFTP is a promising new gtk1.1.x based ftp client.

All programs are GPL'ed and none rely on nonfree components.

If anyone is already maintaining these, please notify me.


C. Thomas

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.  I'm frightened
of the old ones.
                -- John Cage

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