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Re: Debian v2.1 ("Slink") Deep Freeze

> > dpkg              17624  dpkg: installs regular dir when .deb contains symlink !
> >                   21182  dpkg: dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any
> >                   28519  dpkg: dpkg creates circular symlinks
> >                   28817  dpkg takes no care over libdpkg
> >                   30090  weirdass dpkg coredumps and xbase upgrade insanity
> >                   30891  dpkg: Patch for update-alternatives to fix jdk problems
> Is anyone actually working on these? Should they really hold up the
> release?

To answer the first question, I don't know.  To answer the second, that is
the reason for the bug severities in the first place so presumably, yes.

> > nonus.debian.org  21423  Dpkg-ftp can't handle alternative distributions
>  This is important??
> > wu-ftpd-academ    30931  wu-ftpd-academ: Can't build from source!
> I have compiled wu-ftpd-academ from source on saens at least 10 times, I
> did not get the problems described in the bug.

Close it saying you can't reproduce it and ask someone to re-open it if they
can reproduce it.

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