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Re: Debian booth at LinuxTag '99?


26 and 27 of june is a weekend, right? I'd love to meet some 
developer IRL.
I could lend you a helping hand (some sort of "go-and-get-me") 
during the event, but no organising.

> End of June.. sounds like I'll be able to be there. Does anyone know any
> cheap places to stay for a couple of days in the neighborhood?

There is a youth hostel about 15km away. Check
21.- (which currency? Euro or DM?) for bed and breakfast. Does 
one need to be member of an association to get a bed there?

> If possible it might be nice to organise a couple of things like a
> meeting for Debian developers and a BOF about Debian maintainership.
> Oh, and the obligatory PGP-signing session of course :)

Of course!


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