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Re: Unmet Deps revisted

Santiago Vila wrote:
> > > Would I get some support from people in this list if I submit the
> > > following bug?:
> > > 
> > > *----------------------
> > > Package: ftp.debian.org
> > > Version: slink
> > > Severity: important
> > > 
> > > I can't install all the optional packages, because a lot of conflicts.
> > > *----------------------
> > 
> > Please give more details or the bug report would be useless.
> I can explain how I tried to get them all:
> Just uncompress base2_1.tgz in a chroot environment, replace
> /var/lib/dpkg/available by an uncompressed copy of Packages.gz, use a
> simple awk script and dpkg --set-selections to select all optional
> packages, enter dselect and see what happens
> What happens is a complete disaster. Examples:
> smail is still optional, but conflicts with exim, so it should be extra.
> hello-debhelper conflicts with hello, and has absolutely no extra
> functionality over ordinary hello, so the binary should be removed, in
> either case it should be extra.
> gmc conflicts with mc, but both are optional.
> There are in total *ten* dselect Dependency/conflict resolution screens. 
> (using the PageForward key). Am I *really* required to report them *all*,
> or may I ask our kind ftp.debian.org maintainers to do a *serious*
> dependency/conflict check *before* the deep freeze?

If you want to get it fixed then you have to propose a solution or it won't
happen.  I thought you already noticed this.

So yes, please report them *all* or provide a script that checks for
this.  You may want to contact Wichert since he alread wrote a Packages



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