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Re: make mutt the `standard' mail reader

On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 02:49:46PM +0000, Edward Betts wrote:

> does anyone still use elm?
> why don't we make elm optional, and mutt standard.

Look at this page:
The popularity-contest results say that, among people who participate in the
survey (mostly developers right now, since it's only in slink) elm-me+ is
still rather popular.  mutt wins, however, if you count both mutt-i and
plain mutt.

Package               Vote   Old Recent Unknown
elm-me+                 55    25    45    18  
mutt-i                  43    16     6    13      
mutt                    39     4    42    14      

The interesting column is "Vote".  "Old" is the number of people who
installed the package but don't use it.  "Recent" means the package was
upgraded too recently to be sure.

This is a way to take an informal vote on package popularity -- it looks
like mutt is more popular (ie. more people like it) so it makes sense to
offer it as a standard, even if we offer elm-me+ as well.

Because pine isn't a "normal" package, it doesn't show up in that list.  I
see it in the ..UNKNOWN.. category, though:

pine                    62     8     3    10

Mutt beats it, too, among popularity-contest victims.

Have fun,


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