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>From reading this list I appears that the release of slink will happen
in the near future.  I am not yet an expert on linux, though I have
learned alot in the past year.  I started with bo, then tried to
upgrade to hamm, but ended up trashing the system and re-installing. 
Not to worry, I first backed up everything to tape, I only lost time. 
I plan to upgrade to slink when it is released, I'll get the cd set
from one of the usual vendors.  I hope that a tried and tested set of
upgrade instructions will be posted on your web site with whatever
scripts will be necessary.  I know I will need some hand holding to do
the job right, maybe when potato is released I'll be a little more
self sufficent in this!

On an other subject, I heard somewhere that Linus runs Redhat, I
wonder what RMS is using (probably the hurd?).  


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