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Re: m68k-linux-g++

"Ivan E. Moore II" <rkrusty@tdyc.com> writes:

> please forgive me if I'm way off base here.  I got bored today
> and figured I'd give cross-compiling a shot.  since all the
> m68k stuff is there and from reading what doc's are out there
> I asumed this would be no problem cross-compiling m68k deb
> packages from those that I am maintaining.

Yes, you are way off base. :)

It sounds simple but it isn't, and should only be done by highly experienced
developers. There are various technical issues which stop many packages
being cross compiled, such as configure scripts which try to determine
sizes of int, long etc on the target machine.

The worst thing is, even though your cross compiled packages may appear
to have compiled correctly, they may in fact fail when run.

> Package #2 bombed big time.  Doing some troubleshooting trying
> to figure out why, I found that the g++ portion of the m68k
> gcc stuff is missing include files.
> $ m68k-linux-g++
> /usr/m68k-linux/bin/ld: cannot open crt1.o: No such file or directory
> Now..my question is this...are they supposed to be a part of
> the package...or is this something that requires having a m68k
> system to supply them.  

Firstly, that isn't an include file. Secondly, if you don't know where
to find that file, then I strongly suggest than you should not be cross
compiling packages. (The answer is that is comes from libc6-dev, installed by

> I downloaded the gcc source and am compiling it and from what I can
> tell it should be a part of it.  it's just that you have to throw
> a couple of comments into the configure line and it builds them. 

It's part of libc6, see above.

> If this is true and I'm not smoking something can the maintainer
> (I hope your out there reading this right now) fix this? 

I am the m68k-linux-gcc maintainer.

> If I am way off base just yell at me...and tell me to go stand in
> the corner for a few hours. :)

Well, don't go and stand in the corner, I suggest you go and find something
easier to do.



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