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Re: libpng & gnome & slink

Vincent Renardias writes:
 > I've uploaded in my account on master (~vincent) a new version of libpng2
 > that doesn't seem to have the bug, and fools Imlib's configuration
 > pretending it's libpng-1.0.1.
 > Can you try to see if it fixes your problem?
 > 	Cordialement,
 > -- 
 > - Vincent RENARDIAS  vincent@{{ldsol,pipo}.com,{debian,openhardware}.org} -

I have recompiled gnome from CVS and have not come across any problems
which are due to the change in libpng from version 1.0.1 to the new
debian package. So I'd say go with it.....

The problem reported on the list with file
I also see with e-eyes compiled from CVS and it makes no difference
if I link the exe with version 1.0.1 so I'd say its a problem with


Matt Nottingham

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