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Re: libpng & gnome & slink

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Shaleh wrote:

> > I've uploaded in my account on master (~vincent) a new version of libpng2
> > that doesn't seem to have the bug, and fools Imlib's configuration
> > pretending it's libpng-1.0.1.
> > Can you try to see if it fixes your problem?
> > 
> >       Cordialement,
> > 
> I have installed this version from your directory.  SUCCESS!  No more weird
> lines in the background.  Eterm seems happy with it.  Any GNOME or E users care
> to respond?

Ok, next "problem":

Some PNG images, for example
/var/www/usr/lib/latex2html/icons/up_motif_gr.png <Insert here comment
about the inapropriate location of this file installed by latex2html> are
displayed _correctly_ with xv, while it is _not_ with ee.
So, there still may be a bug in ee or Imlib.


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