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Re: PROPOSAL: dpkg-logger and related

On Fri, Jan 08, 1999 at 12:08:34PM +0000, Jules Bean wrote:
> Well, I hate to be discouraging of your hard work, but I simply don't
> think this is the right approach.
That's ok, I'm looking for the right solution, so this is the kind of
thing I want to hear.

> As I and someone else (Martin, I think) pointed out when you first
> proposed it, a far cleaner solution is simply to redirect stdout, stderr
> and perhaps a few more FDs from the scripts.  This minimises the amount of
> changes which need to made to the scripts, and makes them simpler to
> write.  Then apt 'does the right thing' with the FDs - and what it does
> with the FDs would cover the same gamut of possibilities as the options
> you have in dpkg-logger, and maybe more.
apt has no direct contact with package installs. So it can't do
anything like this. Having all these FD's or even just stdout/stderr
might be a little more overhead than it sounds. The package maintainer
would have to write extra code in the script in order to accomodate the
extra output he needs to send to. Also it seems to me that it would
make the scripts less readable.

Dpkg would also have to be patched up a great deal and this still
doesn't even cover where the logging should go. If the logging is
internal in dpkg, that's one more thing to break under dpkg, and
one more thing that can't be seperated from it. There would be no way
for alternate logging solutions to be enabled.

> But as has also been said before, these issues have been hashed out at
> least partly as part of the configuration management system.
Could some one give me an example of where this would overlap or
conflict with what logging the configuration management system would be
doing? I appologize for not being up to speed on the progress.


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