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Re: Suggestion: Skip Slink!

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Edward John M. Brocklesby wrote:

> run i386 at all, but some other, better arch. So, why should the release of
> my arch's Debian be delayed, just because _your's_ is ready for release?

was the suggestion made to delay the non-i386 arch's, or to release i386
before other arch's if it were ready first?

i don't see why releasing an arch which is ready (i386) should have any
effect on the release date of non-i386 arches.  if anything it might make
it earlier since with i386 out of the door, more resources would be
available to finish sparc, or whatever.

this whole argument doesn't really affect me -- i run my primary
production system on potato, because i got fed up with waiting for
stable to make it through frozen.

obviously, debian's charter being as it is, it does not need to succumb to
commercial pressures as red hat does; however, i do see the risk of
marginalization of (what seems to me to be) the best distribution over
time because of problems with release dates.



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