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Re: Suggestion: Promote Debian Architecture Neutral Release Format

On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 09:47:55AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 06, 1999 at 05:15:10AM -0800, Andrew Lynch wrote:
> > Is "write once, run everywhere" an impossible dream?  I think it would
> > help.
> Nothing is impossible, but this is very impractical. The biggest problem
> with the other ports not being released when the main dist is (i386) is
> bugs in major parts of the system. glibc and kernel are the most notable.
> Until recently the glibc on the sparc port wasn't very stable, and there
> was also problems with kernels.
> I applaud your reasoning behind releasing all ports at once, but it is
> impractical right now. When the major portions of the system become sync'd
> across all the platforms (hopefully glibc 2.1 and kernel 2.2 will do this)
> then it will be only a matter of having maintainers build the packages.

I have to agree...this is what we should shoot for but...

Aside from the specific problems...

This ithe first release of Sparc where it is stable enough. I don't think
we can expect a "New" architecture to be ready on time for its first release
...there are just too many things that are still catching up to the main 

After this release...then we are starting from the same place... I think next 
time and the time after that they will be in sync.

Tho...the idea of methods which grab the source, compile it, and install
it sound great to me. I think I would ocasionally use it :)
(tho...my system is having problems with dpkg-buildpackage...I think
I will be wading through dpkg bugs and possibly filing one a soon as
I have some time)...of course this once agian brings us to "Source 
Dependancies"/... the thing we all know we need but havn't gotten around
to working out the details of and implimenting....

tho I have faith that we will have it when we need it. 


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