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Re: Inefficient apt installs

On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Steve Greenland wrote:

> I've noticed before that apt (via dselect) seems to make many more dpkg
> runs than are necessary. Last night I finally captured an example. Since
> startup is a significant factor in dpkg (at least on my 100Mhz pentium,
> not to mention the lame old 386 low use webserver I run at work), this
> might be worth looking into. I apologize for whining instead of fixing.

This is quite deliberate and I call it a feature :> APT calls dpkg at each
of the points you mention to configure packages that need configuring
before continuing, this helps ensure that all future packages will
properly install. 
> A quick look at dependencies doesn't seem to require this
> behavior. This was all from slink, btw. apt 0.1.9.

The packages you mention are all essential packages and may be implicitly
required by the postinst scripts of other packages.


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