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Re: skip slink

I agree to disagree. STRONGLY.

what manner of crack doth the antislink smoke of late?? Sorry, but that is how 
I look at it. 

Some folx are waiting for the next debian. CD images are out there somewhere.
Is potato ready to go out? I don't think so. (please prove me wrong by
generating completely working, dep problem free CD images of even one
architecture, -today-.) I would estimate about 3 months before potato is 
even close to ready.

Are you really ready to drop the perception that debian is the most stable 
dist around? Drop slink, and I won't have that perception any more. You'll
be alienating many people who consider stability their number one priority.

For certain machines I run, I fall into that category. Why not be of -help-
by helping to fix bugs in slink?

I propose another kind of freeze: freeze all work on potato until slink
is stable, tested and released.

-Jim, who is presently discusted at what he percieves as rampant lack of
judgement, and who now awaits those working potato images, and who does
not have a vote here, and who is waiting for a STABLE release of debian.

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