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Re: list archiving software

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I've been getting email from people complaining that they cannot read
> anything I send the the mailinglist in the archives, since they cannot
> handle the PGP/MIME encoding that mutt uses.

>From some conversation with one person in question he's also unable
to verify your sig by extracting both attachements from the mail in

> Is there anyone who can fix this? If nobody steps forward I'll give it a
> shot myself, but I have no idea what kind of archiving software we use.


> Also, if we fix the archiving scripts, does that mean that we can use
> that for older mail as well?

Do you care to define "fix"?  The scripts are fine.  They extract
attachements into extra files (iirc) which then can be checked
against the given signature.


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