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Re: incompatible user configs

Joey Hess wrote:
> Michael Meskes wrote:

> > Sorry, but this is not a good answer. I honestly doubt the gxedit
> > upstream will change its source. How about a conversion script? It
> > shouldn't be too hard to add a conversion script that changes the
> > config file for each user.

> I think fvwm2 has such a script in it to deal with similar problems.
> Wouold be a good reference.

As the one who's adopting gxedit, I have to say that the fvwm2 approach
frightens me.  It frightens me in the case of fvwm2 and strikes me as
sheer madness in the case of gxedit!  Potentially forking a process as
each user found through perl's getpwent() call seems unreliable and

The fvwm2 fix also relies on versioning in the user config files
(.fvwmrc vs. .fvwm2rc) which isn't available with gxedit.  The problem
is incompatible versions of the same file, ~/.gxedit.  Plus, there is no
translation program provided, like there is with fvwm2.  Just a comment
in the Makefile(!): "You should delete your ~/.gxedit file to allow
GXedit to re-create it if you're upgrading GXedit."  That's a big help. 

So I still have no good solutions.  How should I pass this suggestion
along to users when I release this new upstream version?
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