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Re: KDE Debian packages

How about packaging kpackage?

Russell Coker wrote:
> I have built, quickly tested, and am now in the process of uploading a new set
> of pre-1.1 KDE Debian packages.  The set of packages is quite complete and is
> IMHO all the KDE stuff that 98% of KDE users need.
> The location is:
> ftp://ftp.timsnet.com/pub/kde/pre1.1/19990301/
> Enjoy.
> Also if someone could find a better place to store these (such as somewhere on
> ftp.kde.org) then please put them there.
> --
> I am in London and would like to meet any Linux users here.
> I plan to work in London for 3 - 6 months...
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Bruce Jackson

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