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Re: glibc + kernel headers

[ Now that I've trimmed the compile messages, I'll cc this to the list
  again.  Hope that's ok. ]

On Sun, 3 Jan 1999, Tibor Koleszar wrote:

> > of them.  If you send me your full failed compile output, I'll point you
> > to your problem (not on my debian system now, so I can't try our source).
> First of all, thanks for your help...

Any time.  I've had to look at so many gcc/g++ error messages that I can't
think of a good ending to this sentence :-)

Oh, first suggestion, look at what /usr/include/linux is pointing too.  On
a non-debian system, it's pointing in /usr/src/linux, I can't check debian
right now.  Maybe you have a different kernel sitting there or moved
something you weren't supposed to.  Just a thought.

> and here is the complete error:
> In file included from accounting.h:7,
>                  from stag.c:5:
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:34: parse error before `__u8'
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:34: warning: no semicolon at end of struct or union
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:35: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:37: parse error before `flags'
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:45: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
> /usr/include/linux/ip.h:46: parse error before `}'

Ouch, something is really wrong with ip.h or there is a problem at the
beginning of your accounting.h or stag.c files that doesn't show up until
later.  This will kill a compile.  Now I'm curious since the error seems
to be in the /usr/include/linux stuff.  Here's my attempt to compile:

bhmit1@tx:stag$ make
gcc -Wall -c stag.c
gcc -Wall -c accounting.c
gcc -Wall -c graph.c
gcc -o stag stag.o accounting.o graph.o -L./GD -lgd -lm
ld: cannot open -lgd: No such file or directory
make: *** [stag] Error 1

Well, it seems that this system is missing a library, but the
/usr/include/linux stuff is fine.  My vote is that your system is a bit


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