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Re: unloading modules in 2.2.x kernels

Previously Rene Hojbjerg Larsen wrote:
> Perhaps this is not clear from the rmmod man page, but modules that are
> explicitly modprobe'd are *not* considered unused by rmmod -a.  I don't
> know about 2.0 kernels, though.

Look like not rmmod but the kernel decides which modules should be
unloaded. The code is in sys_delete_module() in kernel/module.c.
Here is the condition 2.0.36 uses to tests if a module should be
	((mp->ref == NULL) && (mp->state == MOD_RUNNING) &&
Current 2.1 kernel uses a somewhat different test but the effect is the

If nobody complains really fast I'll give modutils a crontab in the next


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