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libpng & gnome & slink

I am trying to compile gnome from CVS but am running into difficulties
with the version of libpng that is in the current version of slink.

When trying to compile gnome, some packes refuse because of known (and
unfixed) bugs in the version of libpng that we are using in slink
(version 1.0.2). The packages that do compile complain on loading that
its a buggy version of libpng and all graphics on the panel (etc.) are
all corrupt. Changing my LD_LIBRARY_PATH to a libpng from version
1.0.1 cured all the graphic corruption problems.

I note that this problem has been reported before (22nd Oct 98) to
both the bug tracking list
(http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/28/28412.html) and also to this list
but nothing was said on the list and the bug report is still

The problem of this version of of libpng also came up a few weeks ago
in the mozilla developmnt newgroups, as they started to have trouble
with corrupt graphics after "upgrading" to this version. It was
decided that they should revert back to version 1.0.1.

I think it would be a mistake to leave this version of libpng in slink 
as its going to cause even more problems, especially with gnome soon
going to 1.0 (? perhaps.....).

I'm not subscribed to this list (not enough bandwidth from my modem),
and only read the archive (which crashes Netscape after about the 20th
of each month - so I have to revert to lynx...)


Matt Nottingham

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