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Re: i586 debian port?

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> Well, we will be needing an i386 porting team soon anyway.  (Actually, we
> needed one months or years ago already.) More and more developers are doing

How big is that problem right now?

By grepping and diffing in the Packages files I found the following
packages in the m68k platform whitout findig the same name in the i386

 Package: amiga-fdisk
 Package: atari-bootstrap
 Package: atari-fdisk
 Package: kernel-image-2.0.33-amiga
 Package: kernel-image-2.0.33-atari
 Package: ldap-utils
 Package: ldapd
 Package: libg++2.8-dev
 Package: libldap
 Package: libldap-dev
 Package: libstdc++2.8-dev
 Package: lsof
 Package: mac-fdisk
 Package: newt0.25
 Package: newt0.25-dev
 Package: nvram
 Package: pmac-fdisk-cross
 Package: ppmtoagafb
 Package: ppmtofb
 Package: setsccserial
 Package: vmelilo
 Package: xserver-fbdev

And the following for the alpha platform:

 Package: aboot
 Package: libc6.1
 Package: libc6.1-dbg
 Package: libc6.1-dev
 Package: libc6.1-pic
 Package: libffm1
 Package: libffm1-dev
 Package: lsof
 Package: newt0.25
 Package: newt0.25-dev
 Package: xserver-tga

I'm not saying that there is no problem. I'm trying to find out how
big it is. We should probaly soon begin to think of making a list of
the packages needing a port to i386. How is that list made most easy?

I'm not yet developer so I couldn't yet make a i386 port specific page.

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