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Re: Termcap and Libc5/6 with Debian Problems...

On 31 Dec 1998, Ben Pfaff wrote:

> Ryan Kirkpatrick <rkirkpat@nag.cs.colorado.edu> writes:
> 	   Now, how, if possible, can one get this binary running? I imagine
>    that I need a libtermcap2 built/linked with libc6. Does such a debian
>    package exists? Or do I need to go find the sources and built it myself?
> AFAIK there is no libtermcap precompiled for Debian, since we use
> ncurses with everything.  I think your best bet is to fetch the
> sources for the libtermcap-compat package and attempt to build it for
> libc6.

	Yea, that is what I figured. Though I went and grabbed the source
to termcap-compat, uncompressed it, ran 'debian/rules binary' in the
resulting directory, and then installed the resulting debian package. The
resulting library according to ldd was linked with libc6, while the one in
the original termcap-compat package had been linked with lic5. 
	After resolving a few ncurse version issues (yes, this annoying
program is linked with both termcap and ncurses!), I got it to work just
fine. Thanks for everyone's help!

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