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Re: dpkg.log

On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 06:30:56PM -0500, Shaleh wrote:
> True, but if you install packages often you will want the log file to be
> rotated.  Then you have to remember what day you installed package foo or
> zgrep the dpkg.log.? files.  It is not hard to figure out that a file came from
> package foo and simply read it's docs.
> This also makes more sense from a developer's stand point.  If I change how my
> install works from package 1.1.1-1 to 1.1.1-2 and you read the output in the
> wrong log file, you may have problems.  However if it were clearly documented
> in Setup.Debian or some such that you must now make a foo_user.conf in /etc
> rather than the old foo.conf, things would be easy and without confusion
> (disregard the fact that the file changed, we all know that things happen).

It is my opinion this is the purpose of README.Debian, please currect me
if I am mistaken?

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