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documentation on permissions for cdrom device -- where?

Hi Adam,

 I'm cc'ing debian-devel because I think this needs to be addressed
 somewhere else, not in wmrack. (31308 is on the bcc list)
On Wed, Dec 30, 1998 at 09:53:18AM -0500, aph@debian.org wrote:

> wmrack could really use documentation on how to configure the
> permissions for the cdrom device.  That's /dev/hdc (symlinked to
> /dev/cdrom) for me, which I did 'chgrp audio' on that device
> and added users to the audio group.  But I'm not sure if that's
> correct, since the device is g+w (0660).

 It's correct.  Sort of.

 Only users in the audio group have access to the audio devices.
 Adding users to audio is much like doing 'xhost +localhost' which is
 a great source for practical jokes in computer labs...  I remember
 writing a script to add a number of xeyes instances once per second
 to a classmate's display...  they were positioned and sized in such a
 way that after 5-10 seconds my classmate would be screaming all over
 the lab.

 With the 'users in audio group' setup it about the same...  playing
 Quake's shotgun every now and then comes to mind...  making the
 computer say "don't think about it" is amusing, too -- especially if
 the person is using headphones.

 The *proper* solution is to add audio to the CONSOLE_GROUPS in
 /etc/login.defs; the problem with this is that the xdm gang doesn't
 obey this (patch someone?). In this way, only the user at the console
 has access to the audio devices (and the floppy, cdrom, scanner,

 I don't think this is a bug in wmrack. It's more of a general audio
 setup thing in linux (Unix I'd guess, but IIRC, Solaris grants access
 to the audio devices only to the person sitting at the console -- so
 does IRIX), but I'll add a note to all the sound packages I maintain.
 Now the question is... is there a better place to put this sort of
 information? We don't really have a central audio package. It's not X
 responsability either. 'login' is not really a package I'd look at if
 I'm searching for this.


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