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Re: Adopting dpkg-ftp

Recently, dpkg-ftp was my only choice, as apt-get from slink is broken on
my nfsroot system.  It is segfaulting on me when it attempts to update. I
have not submitted a bug report yet, as I am still debugging the nfsroot
installation, and have not ruled out problems with either the kernel
(which is 2.1.131, and is being upgraded to 2.2.0-pre1 today) or my nfs
server.  I merely mention this because dpkg-ftp still may be a viable
alternative in a limited set of circumstances. 


On 28 Dec 1998, Guy Maor wrote:

> Raphael Hertzog <rhertzog@hrnet.fr> writes:
> > I've just released dpkg-ftp_1.4.10 with minor fixes (for frozen and
> > unstable).
> You should look at the dpkg-ftp in experimental if you want to pursue
> this.  I personally think it's a waste of time as apt-get has
> obsoleted dpkg-ftp.
> Guy
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