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Re: intent to package smtp-refuser

On Mon, Dec 28, 1998 at 05:27:18PM -0500, Scott K. Ellis wrote:

 : > Many MDAs now include their own SMTP refusal, so it may be that the
 : > smtp-refuser package is going obsolete.
 : > 
 : > Is anyone packaging PostFix? This is an Open Source replacement for
 : > qmail, written by Witesse who also wrote tcp-wrapper (which you use
 : > with smtp-refuser). You might want to run it on the Debian mailing list
 : > server in place of qmail eventually, for reasons of philosophical
 : > purity.
 : Things to note, postfix has JUST entered public beta and is unproven.  In
 : addition, there was recently a discussion about certain security issues
 : (world-writable directory and insufficient DNS checking) on bugtraq.  I'd
 : be wary of installing it in replacement of qmail quite yet.
 : I do believe that someone is packaging it for Debian though

It already has been packaged and uploaded, but got rejected, apparently due
to some license ('intellectual property') problems, iirc.

Maybe the maintainer can comment on this issue himself? :)


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