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intent to package debget

debget is a program I wrote to make it easier to download source packages
(though it can also download binary packages).  For most packages you just
use `debget <packagename>' and it will deposit the .dsc, .orig.tar.gz and
.diff.gz in the current directory.

An important factor in its design is that it doesn't require a copy of
the Packages file in order to know what files to download.  Because of
this it can only download files from FTP servers.

The program is GPLed.  I figure it should go in utils, since that's
where dupload is.

Here's the usage message:

usage: debget [switch]... { package | section/package }...

    -b, --binary                download binary packages
    -B, --nobinary              don't download binary packages (default)
        --debug                 turn debugging on
        --dir dir               path to debian directory, default debian
    -d, --dist dist             distribution, default unstable
        --help                  show this and then die
    -f, --no-config             don't read any config files
    -F, --no-user-config        don't read the user's config file
    -h, --host host             FTP host, default ftp.debian.org
    -n, --no                    don't download anything
        --non-us-dir dir        path to non-US directory, default debian-non-US
    -H, --non-us-host host      non-US FTP host, default non-us.debian.org
    -s, --source                download source packages (default)
    -S, --nosource              don't download source packages
    -v, --verbose               be verbose

Use section/package (eg, base/dpkg or non-free/games/quake2) for packages
which aren't in the available file, or for which debget guesses the section

See the man page or `perldoc debget' to see the full documentation.

Roderick Schertler

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