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Re: Boot Floppie problems.

>>>>> "Enrique" == Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@ull.es> writes:

    Enrique> If anyone wants to send me a replacement for
    Enrique> utilities/dinstall/bootconfig.c (from the boot-floppies
    Enrique> package) feel free to do so. My TODO list is pretty long
    Enrique> already...

I think we should come up with a short proposition first. My
ideas are:

1) Don't include MBR in the future (potato) to avoid problems when
the user did not make one of their partitions bootable

2) Allow the user to add other partitions on the drives to the
lilo config

3) Allow booting from the second hard drive

I can work on adding some of these to bootconfig.c, but it will
take a bit of work, as I'd have to learn how the code works.

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