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Re: fixing up /usr/doc

Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> >>>>> "Zack" == Zack Brown <zbrown@lynx.neu.edu> writes:
>     Zack>                    why not make /usr/doc a place where real
>     Zack> documentation (and *only* real documentation) can be
>     Zack> found. Right now users have to sift through endless stubs to
>     Zack> get to the real stuff.
> The point of /usr/doc/packagename/ is not only the docs, but as you
> must have noticed, the copyright and changelog information.

Then we should have a tree called 

> All Debian packages must come with copyright information in
> /usr/doc/packagename/.

It has also bothered me that Debian packages have files called
`copyright' but no `license' files.

It would be (IMHO) a _good_ thing to have copyright,
README.Debian and changlogs files in some other (better-named)
directory, and have stuff put in /usr/doc/ only if they were
relevant docs (html, ascii, examples, etc).  It would make the
documentation tree more informative.

Facts:  - not every package has a man page
        - not every html docs are registered
        - The huge number of entries in /usr/doc make it
          difficult to detect which package have examples there
          (and why would we _have_ to read every man page to find
        - the current content of /usr/doc is non-intuitive to new
          users (breaks the rule of least surprise)
        - we should be trying to make Debian easier for users.


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