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Re: More problems for non-US?

>> David Welton <davidw@gate.cks.com> wrote:
>> > I wonder if SPI might be able to organize some civil disobbedience of
>> > some sort. The computer industry is rather vital, at this point. Maybe
>> > something a long the lnes of that export-a-crypto web page, but bigger
>> > and more high profile.
>> I'm not sure if civil disobedience is the right approach here.  It might
>> be, but the underlying laws are those focused on warfare...
>> The right thing to do is to get people to realize how silly it is to
>> classify encryption as a weapon.  [Can you imagine attacking someone
>> with a piece of encryption software?  Maybe, if you had a printout of
>> the source and you could get your victim to hold still, you could get
>> in a lucky paper cut.]

 Hmms. Angry hacker charging towards somebody with floppy disks
 loaded with pgp signatures & cyptografic software.
>> That, and pointing out the things it *is* useful for.
>> That, and pointing out what massive parallelism (optical or perhaps
>> quantum computing, or any of a variety of not to distant future
>> possibilities) will do to the currently accepted standards of
>> "unbreakability".

 About demonstrations: what if like thousands of people would 
 cross the border from US/Whatever to Canada/Mexico/whereever
 encryption software is illegal to export from with floppies filled with 
 software, which has let's say militarily thinking null value practically,
 .. . A good demonstration.

 This would work better in Europer where we have more and tightly
 arranged borders. 


 	thoughts at 6am.

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