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Re: fixing up /usr/doc

On Thu, Dec 24, 1998 at 01:17:44PM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:

> More precisely, the point of /usr/doc/packagename is NOT the docs!
> It is primarily for package information like copyright and packaging
> notes, and a place to store *supplemental* documentation.  The proper
> place for user documentation on a Debian system is in /usr/man.

that depends upon the package. most have man pages, some have info
pages, some have (text or html or tex or postscript etc) files in

> > I know... but shouldn't that information be somewhere else? I mean,
> > it renders the directory useless. If you have to have copyright
> > information in /usr/doc, then at least put the real docs somewhere
> > else so people can get to them. it's a real pain wading through that
> > directory looking for docs.
> You shouldn't *be* wading through that directory looking for docs.
> That's not what it's for.

actually, browsing the /usr/doc directories is perfectly legitimate -
especially for a new user who is keen to find out just what this new
linux system can do.  man pages are good reference material, but they don't
provide an overview - they tell you HOW, but not necessarily WHY or WHAT.

OTOH, whining that some directories contain only "useless" copyright and
changelog files is not legitimate.

> Every program and library is supposed to contain at least one man page. 

very nice in theory. in practice (and in debian policy), don't count on


craig sanders

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