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Re: Including package's home page with package description

Previously Juergen A. Erhard wrote:
> And one more: will apt (the ui) support searching package descriptions
> in addition to just the package name (which, IMHO, is pretty dumb to
> begin with... I'd never find bitchx nor epic when looking for an irc
> client.)

I quote from the Apt UI design:

    4.2.2 Searching packages
	There are two methods to look for packages: the user can either
	narrow down the list of packages by selection the source, section or
	priority to manage the main package list. The other method is a
	seperate `search package' option. With this command the user can
	select more criteria, such are words to search for in the
	description, maintainer names, etc.  All packages which meet this
	criteria are then displayed in a window with search results, ordered
	by likeliness. This search command will use the same filtering as is
	used for the main package list. A package can be selected from this
	list and the focus will jump to that package in the main package


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